Bridge Expansion Joints

Britflex NJ

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Type 4 Nosing with preformed compression seal in accordance with BD33/94 standard.


A surface mounted nosing joint with an elastomeric insert bonded to the rapid curing elastomeric compound known as Britflex® Resin Mortar.

In the UK the Britflex® NJ system can only be used in the situation where the gap at carriageway level does not exceed 65mm for gaps above 65mm the 'BEJ' system would be used.

The Britflex® NJ joint is an ideal system for maintenance situations and has been developed to provide a whole life economic solution for applications where asphalt plug joints are unsuitable.



  • Versatile
  • Substantially waterproof
  • Rapid Installation
  • No drilling of deck
  • No mechanical fixings
  • Quiet comfortable riding characteristics
  • Installed by USL's experienced and fully trained workforce